EIDF Phase 1: core elements

Working with a number of key stakeholders and early adopters, EPCC is putting together the core elements of EIDF, including building its new home at our Advanced Computing Facility (ACF).

Phase 1: Facility. EIDF will be housed in Computer Room 4 at the ACF, which is due for completion June 2020. This will be a high-resilience computer room with enhanced power and network.

Phase 1: Storage. Currently with a 10 PB disk capacity split approximately equally between the safe haven and non-safe haven sides, this will rise to 12 PB by July 2020.

Phase 1: Compute.   A small slice of cloud with around 120 virtual machines plus 20 NVIDIA V100 GPUs and access to the Cirrus HPC service.

Phase 1: Early adopters. As well as internal development work, we are working with a number of stakeholders to help shape the service:

  • The iCAIRD digital pathology archive
  • The National Collection of Aerial Photography
  • Health Data Research-UK
  • The Administrative Data Research Partnership
  • The Paracrawl Internet Archive project
  • Albyn Housing Society
  • The NHS Scotland National Safe Haven
  • Scottish Government
  • Regional Local Authorities
  • The Festival Fringe
  • SAS
  • Global Open Finance Centre of Excellence
  • CityScope open data learning environment
  • The Data Loch

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Rob Baxter, EIDF Programme Manager

August 2019 Image: @kellysikkema/unsplash