EIDF is optimised for data science. We offer a range of compute services from scalable notebooks, through data science desktops to specialist compute platforms, including a large-scale AI engine—the Cerebras CS-2 .

The SuperDome Flex Cerebras CS-2 service gives users access to EIDF's Cerebras AI supercomputer.

Ultra2 is a large-memory high-performance compute service for the most demanding problems. It is an HPE Superdome Flex with 18 TB of main memory.

We provide a range of desktops delivered to your web browser using "virtual desktop infrastructure" (VDI). Choose from a range of pre-configured virtual desktop machines (VMs) ready-built with data science toolkits for a variety of uses.

The EIDF GPU Service provides a containerised processing platform accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs to support scalable data processing and AI workloads.

EIDF offers Jupyter notebooks through JupyterHub. These notebooks support a range of programming languages including Python, R and Julia. Users in the same project can collaborate on notebooks. The files in notebooks are shared with the virtual desktops of the same project to enable users to switch between notebooks and virtual desktop environments.