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How the Edinburgh International Data Facility connects with the wider world

Photograph shows two CS-2 cabinets with green control panel in background

smartR AI™ and EPCC are working together on an AI trial using the Cerebras CS-2 Wafer-Scale Engine (WSE) system. The results so far have shown a dramatic reduction in AI training times.

The EIDF GPU Service supports scalable data processing and artificial intelligence workloads.

EPCC's Amy Krause gives an overview of the Edinburgh International Data Facility's Portal, which enables data scientists, engineers, and researchers to access the Facility's Data Science Cloud.

The Data Slipstream project is building a system whereby the large, diverse and complex datasets vital to Earth Observation (EO) research at the University of Edinburgh and beyond can be brought together in one place.

The Edinburgh International Data Facility (EIDF) continues to develop its resources to support data-driven discovery. One area that has progressed significantly is the formal launch of the EIDF GPU Service.

The Edinburgh International Data Facility has entered an exciting phase with the launch of new services and hardware - and there’s still more to come.

Maximise the power of your research data  with EIDF

EIDF's data science virtual desktop service offers access to virtual machines running on the EIDF local cloud.

DataLoch has now achieved a significant milestone: its full launch.

Building on the power of an EPCC-operated Data Safe Haven, Smart Data Foundry has a mission to unlock financial data for social good.

Recently we have compiled a toolkit that enables us to create additional Safe Haven services as part of our work in building the Edinburgh International Data Facility.

Just before Christmas 2020, we took ownership of Computer Room 4 (cr4) at EPCC's  Advanced Computing Facility. This will be the home of the Edinburgh International Data Facility.

First European CS-1 deployment advances natural language processing and data science research across public, private and academic organisations

Work on the Edinburgh International Data Facility passed three key milestones this autumn, bringing the infrastructure that will underpin the £600m Data-Driven Innovation Programme significantly closer to reality.