About EIDF

EIDF is the set of computational and data services and IT infrastructure that underpins the Data-Driven Innovation Programme. Built and operated by EPCC at the University of Edinburgh, EIDF is a place to store, find and work with data of all kinds.

EIDF is a collection of computational, data management and safe haven services supported by the Data Driven Innovation Programme of the Edinburgh and South-East Scotland City Region Deal.

EIDF is funded under the Data-Driven Innovation Programme within the Edinburgh & South-East Scotland City Region Deal. 

We take a "building block" approach to EIDF, to give it the flexibility it needs. EIDF's main hardware partner is HPE and we work with them to procure hardware on a rolling basis.

If you make use of EIDF services in your work, we encourage you to acknowledge us in any publications.

Our policies form an integrated whole around the Terms and Conditions of Access. They lay down both what we expect from Users, and how we will carry out the commitments we make to them in the Terms and Conditions. In addition, access to EIDF also falls within the remit of the Computing Regulations and Security Policy of the University of Edinburgh and all users who sign up for an account agree to these conditions of access as well.