Our policies form an integrated whole around the Terms and Conditions of Access. They lay down both what we expect from Users, and how we will carry out the commitments we make to them in the Terms and Conditions. In addition, access to EIDF also falls within the remit of the Computing Regulations and Security Policy of the University of Edinburgh and all users who sign up for an account agree to these conditions of access as well.

Users of EIDF need to agree to these Terms and Conditions of Access when they register. We anticipate that they will change rarely, if at all. Note that the Terms and Conditions include an undertaking to observe the Code of Conduct. It also includes an agreement to the Service processing the user’s personal data; in return, the Service undertakes to follow the Personal Data and Privacy Policy. 

This policy applies to personal data about users of the EIDF service. It relates to data gathered on the service itself. The details that you provide on registration are stored securely in our service management system SAFE and will be processed according to the SAFE data privacy policy.

EIDF is a place to work with data of all kinds, including data you bring yourself. We have policies in place about the kinds of data that are and are not permitted in EIDF.

This short guide describes what happens when an account or project is no longer required on EIDF, or a user leaves a project.