Scottish National Safe Haven

We provide the infrastructure and operational systems that underpin the Scottish National Safe Haven. The National Safe Haven is owned by Public Health Scotland and governed by the eDRIS team who control access and manage all research enquiries.

The Scottish National Safe Haven provides a governed trusted research environment for accredited researchers to work on approved projects of public benefit using sensitive data. The service is operated by EPCC as part of the EIDF infrastructure but is controlled by Public Health Scotland under the oversight of Scotland's Public Benefit and Privacy Panel.


Access for researchers is controlled by eDRIS at Public Health Scotland. Please contact eDRIS directly through the link below.

Acknowledging your use of the National Safe Haven

We request that you acknowledge the eDRIS team when publishing work which has been supported by the service, including use of the National Safe Haven. For instance, “The authors would like to acknowledge the eDRIS team (Public Health Scotland) for their support in obtaining approvals, the provisioning and linking of data and facilitating access to the National Safe Haven.”


EDRIS, access to the Scottish National Safe Haven.

Scotland's Public Benefit and Privacy Panel for Health and Social Care.