GPU Service

The EIDF GPU Service provides a containerised processing platform accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs to support scalable data processing and AI workloads.


This service is available for University of Edinburgh researchers and DDI Programme partners.  

Please use the EIDF Application Portal to request access. You can find help and guidance on the process under "Service Access" in the technical documentation hosted on GitHub. 

EIDF Application Portal

EIDF documentation

Service profile 

The EIDF GPU Service is composed of 32 NVIDIA H100 80GB and 223 A100 GPUs, the latter in various multi-use and single-use GPU configurations.

The service is hosted on HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 servers, each of which offers 8 GPUs, 1TiB of RAM and 256 CPU cores. The EIDF GPU Service employs Kubernetes and storage is provided by Ceph pools. The underlying node configurations can have up to 8 GPUs with support for access to MIG-enabled (multi-instance GPU) and full GPUs. Node configurations are reviewed and updated during service operation.  

A standard project namespace has the following initial quota (subject to ongoing review): 

  • CPU: 100 Cores 

  • Memory: 1TiB 

  • GPU: 12 

Note these quotas are maximum use by a single project, and that during periods of high usage Kubernetes Jobs maybe queued waiting for resource to become available on the cluster. 

EIDF GPU Service documentation

Introductory Materials for Containers 

To make best use of the service, an understanding of containerisation is recommended. An introduction tutorial to containers for computational environments is available through the Carpentries workshop.

Carpentries workshop